Deep Thoughts,... With the Kansas City CHIEFS!

  Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards walks the sidelines ...  


Alright people, I need every ones input.  A lot to cover so lets get to it. Lets start with the main issue in front of us.  A man everybody in Kansas City loves.  Herm Edwards,... OK.  Just a little sarcasm.  I know there are a lot of supporters for this man. You can say he made progress and lost games by 7 points or less,... But he needs to go and I'll tell you why. 

He can motivate a team to play, and his players play hard for him.  But his inability to manage a game is his downfall.  How many times did we have a lead going into the third quarter, and was unable to score in the 3rd quarter. Second half for that matter! The game of football is a game of adjustments!  Herm can not do this!  Nor can his assistants.  4 games come to mind, Tampa, @ Denver, San Diego, & Miami.  Had leads but couldn't finish.  We had no business losing that Charger game, And Dewayne (Stone cold hands) Bowe has no reason being on hands team for onside kicks!  Plus that Tampa 2 Bull crap gotta go!  More on that later. 

Moving on,...  Tyler Thigpen, He was a nice surprise this year.  A lot of you have mix feelings on him.  Well, we can't forget that this was his first year in the league.  So there were a little growing pains there.  Even though he only won 1 game.  He put 24 or more points in 4 games, 31 points twice. Not to mention, won countless games for me on my fantasy team! ;)  I believe we can win with him. Yes he made some critical mistakes when we had opportunities to win, but I'll leave you with this.  Give him an Offensive line to give him some time and make better decisions. He would be a much better QB. We could have Tom Brady back there and although he might do better.  Not much! Everyone looks at Joe Flacco & Matt Ryan.  Joe has what I like to call a DEFENSE, running game, & offensive line.  They both do.  Something KC desperately needs! 

How many games would we have won if we could only stop somebody, sack the quarterback, protect the QB, or something! But, like I said, more on this later,..    Larry Johnson, aka L.J. Women hater, two yard gainer, Rocawear Thuggish Ruggish Bone,.... Need I say more? One word for ya baby! CUT!  Call Carl,... He'll take you when he finds another job. Enough said.  

Gun & The Defense, and my favorite subject!  As we approach this weekend and the NFL Conference Championships.  Look at the four teams and what got them there.  All,except for the Arizona, which I still can't believe,.. Have a great Defense.  Arizona just happen to play defense at the right time!  Defense really does win championships. Everyone is all over Gun for this years defense.  But your looking at the wrong person.  Look no further than that picture above this article.  That's right,...good ole Hermie & that Tampa 2. Lets take a closer look at the Tam. cover 2.   The system makes your D linemen line straight up man to man with the OL. In order for it to work You need the personnel.  You need big strong DT, Fast Ends, Smart Fast LB's and a solid secondary. The chiefs have a fairly good (young) secondary, But no line, & inconsistent LB's. Our line is too far away to continue with this. 

Lets take a look at the other teams with this system. Chicago, Indy, & of course Tampa. Chicago for example, DT Tommy Harris 6'3'' 295lbs,...gets in the back field a lot to blow up a play. Chiefs DT Dorsey, rookie/ says 6'1'' but really 5'11'' 297lbs. has a lot to learn. Chi. LBs Lance Briggs 6'1'' 240 / Brian Urlacher 6'4'' 258 flies to the ball, stays home and play smart ball.  Chiefs LBs Derrick Johnson 6'3'' 242 & Pat Thomas constantly over ran plays and missed tackles. Although I was impressed with the play of Demorrio Williams.  He was all over the place & shows promise.  Also, Looking at Tampa, was one game away from making the playoffs.  Lost 4 straight against Carolina, Atlanta, San Diego, Oakland. All because they were victimized by the run!  They just couldn't stop it.  Sound familiar Chiefs fans?  I personally think they should scrap that BS Defense and go back to the 3/4 which I personally love.  Gunther is a 3/4 defensive coach! Had the top ranked defensive twice in the 90's when we ran the 3/4. Man,.. Do I miss that decade.  But put DJ on the line like DT use to lineup, line Glenn Dorsey in the gap instead of straight up. Get 2 more LB's in the draft and free agency. I can assure you we would field a better defense!!! Let me know what you guys are feeling on this. I wanna hear you Kansas City!!!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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