Drafting QB Consideration - Who else needs one?

Was thinking about the possibility of the Chiefs trading down from the #3 spot and started thinking about who we would want to make sure we still got the second best guy out there (if the Lions take Stafford, which I'm still not convinced of).

I was surprised by what I found out:

1) Lions - Need a QB (but I still don't think they take one #1 overall)
2) Rams - Bulger - franchise guy
3)Chiefs - Need a QB
4)Seahawks - Have Hasselbeck, but might be looking for their next guy. Probably not in 1st round though.
5) Browns - Brady Quinn - 1st rounder
6) Bengals - Caron Palmer - franchise guy
7) Raiders - JaMarcus Russell - 1st rounder
8) Jaguars - David Garrard - Probably not looking for a QB
9) Packers - Aaron Rogers - 1st rounder, Brian Brohm - 2nd rounder
10) 49ers - Need a QB - probably won't draft in 1st round, still paying for Alex Smith
11) Bills - Trent Edwards - Not looking
12) Broncos - Jay Cutler - 1st rounder
13) Redskins - Jason Campbell - Not Looking
14) Saints - Drew Brees - Franchise guy
15) Texans - Matt Schaub - not looking
16) Chargers - Phillip Rivers - Franchise guy
17) Jets - Might be looking
18) Bears - SHOULD be looking, but you never know
19) Buccaneers - Might be looking
20) Lions (from Dallas) - Need a QB
21) Cardinals - Kurt Warner - franchise guy, Matt Leinart - 1st rounder
22) Vikings - Tavaris Jackson - Probably not looking but might be
23) Patriots - Tom Brady - duh
24) Falcons - Matt Ryan - 1st rounder
25) Dolphins - Chad Pennington - might be looking for QB of future
26) Ravens - Joe Flacco - 1st rounder
27) Colts - Peyton Manning - duh
28) Eagles (from Carolina) - Donovan McNabb - Franchise guy, Kevin Kolb - QBoTF
29) Giants - Eli Manning - franchise guy
30) Titans - Kerry Collins, Vince Young - 1st rounder
31) Eagles - Donovan McNabb - Franchise guy, Kevin Kolb - QBoTF
32) Steelers - Ben Roethlesburger - Franchise QB

Dallas - Tony Romo - Probably not looking
Carolina - Jake Delhomme - Could be looking for next guy.

So looking at this, I think there are MAYBE three other teams that could take a QB in the first round (Lions, Bears, Bucs), the earliest after the Lions at #1 overall would be the Bears at #18.

Always have to be paying attention to what other teams will do before you decide what move to make.  While there is no way I would draft Sanchez at #3, there is a good possibility that he could still be around at #17 if it were decided that we wanted to try to move up from the 2nd round.  Not saying we necessarily want to do that (drafting a 1 year starter is scary to me), but its an option.

However, if we are looking at getting a QB in the middle rounds, we are looking at much more competition.  Once you get into the second round, you probalby could add Seahawks, 49ers, Jets, Carolina, Vikings, and Dolphins being potentially interested in drafting a QB.  If they don't take one with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round, the pickings could get pretty slim by the 3rd and 4th.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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