Pioli's Draft Record

I found this post on the Patriots section of a Red Sox message board, posted by a Pats fan named "dynomite."

It's pretty interesting, and any opinions here are not mine but those of a Patriots fan.

"Out of these 66 picks it's pretty stellar, with 2003 and 2005 (and perhaps 2008) being outstanding years. Maybe 19 or 20 true starters in the bunch. It's a very solid draft record, with few true mistakes.

Perhaps his greatest draft accomplishment (apart from the Moss and Welker deals) is that, of his 1st and 2nd round picks, the only "busts" were Chad Jackson in 06 and Bethel Johson in 03. (We'll never know about Marquise Hill in 04, sadly) Overall this list makes me feel better, though. He's a great executive and it sucks he's leaving, but it's not as if they guy had a Midas touch -- late round steals were few and far between.

4th round (120) Asante Samuel, CB, 2003
5th round (164) Dan Koppen, C, 2003
6th round (206) LeKevin Smith, DT, 2006
7th round (230) Matt Cassel, QB, 2005
7th round (239) Tully Banta-Cain, DE, 2003
7th round (244) David Givens, WR, 2002

Above average, probably, but to only draft 5 "noteworthy" players after Round 4 in 8 drafts isn't anything Canton worthy.

The drafts:

2008 draft (if Wheatley or Wilhite turn into a starter and KOC sticks as our long-term backup this was an A+ draft)

1 (10) Jerod Mayo, LB
2 (62) Terrence Wheatley, CB
3 (78) Shawn Crable, LB
3 (94) KOC, QB
4 (129) Jonathan Wilhite, CB
5 (153) Matthew Slater, WR
6 (197) Bo Ruud, LB

2007 draft (looks pretty horrible, but not once you factor in Welker and Moss. There was noting to be had at the end of that draft beyond Tyler Thigpen and Nick Folk -- I guess it was worth seeing if anyone stuck, and Lua might be decent, but... wow.)

1 (24) Brandon Meriweather, S
4 (127) Kareem Brown, DT
5 (171) Clint Oldenburg, OL
6 (180) Justin Rogers, DE
6 (202) Mike Richardson, CB
6 (208) Justise Hairston, RB
6 (209) Corey Hilliard, T
7 (211) Oscar Lua, LB
7 (247) Mike Elgin, OL

2006 draft (again, not great. The fact that LeKevin Smith is our best late round pick in the last 3 years is pretty suprising. Andrews showed promise as well.)

1 (21) Laurence Maroney, RB
2 (36) Chad Jackson, WR
3 (86) David Thomas, TE
4 (106) Garret Mills, TE
4 (118) Stephen Gostkowski, K
5 (136) Ryan O'Callaghan, T
6 (191) Jeremy Mincey, DE
6 (205) Dan Stevenson, OG
6 (206) LeKevin Smith, DT
7 (229) Willie Andrews, S

2005 draft (obviously this one was pretty fantastic -- for 5 of your first 6 picks to become starters is really, really good)

1 (32) Legan Mankins, OG
3 (84) Ellis Hobbs, CB
3 (100) Nick Kaczur, OT
4 (122) James Sanders, S
5 (133) Ryan Claridge, LB
7 (230) Matt Cassel, QB
7 (255) Andy Stokes, TE

2004 draft (unlike them to miss on all 3 mid-draft picks)

1 (21) Vince Wilfork, DT
1 (32) Benjamin Watson, TE
2 (63) Marquise Hill, DE
3 (95) Guss Scott, S
4 (113) Dexter Reid, S
4 (128) Cedric Cobbs, RB
5 (164) P.K. Sam, WR
7 (233) Christian Morton, CB

2003 draft (fantastic overall, but man, we suck at drafting WRs...)

1 (13) Ty Warren, DT
2 (36) Eugene Wilson, CB
2 (45) Bethel Johnson, WR
4 (117) Dan Klecko, DT
4 (120) Asante Samuel, CB
5 (164) Dan Koppen, C
6 (201) Kliff Kingsbury, QB
7 (234) Spencer Nead, TE
7 (239) Tully Banta-Cain, DE
7 (243) Ethan Kelley, DT

2002 draft (...except in this draft, which was pretty good overall)

1 (21) Daniel Graham, TE
2 (65) Deion Branch, WR
4 (117) Rohan Davey, QB
4 (126) Jarvis Green, DE
7 (237) Antwoine Womack, RB
7 (244) David Givens, WR

2001 draft (Pioli's first as Director of Player Personnel -- 2 great picks and then... eh.)

1 (6) Richard Seymour, DL
2 (49) Matt Light, OT
3 (86) Brock Williams, CB
4 (96) Kenyatta Jones, OL
4 (119) Jabari Holloway, TE
5 (163) Hakim Akbar, S
6 (180) Arther Love, TE
6 (200) Leonard Myers, CB
7 (216) Owen Pochman, K
7 (239) T.J. Turner, LB


Anyone got a record of Pioli's free agent signings and trades? Obviously the Welker and Moss moves worked out pretty amazingly for them, to name two.




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