Stick With Herm. *Ducks. Okay, Seriously. Stick With Herm.

I'll say it.

I hate Herm Edwards.

Hate him. Don't like the moral superiority both in football philosophy and moral aptitude. Don't like the "We're just going to go out and play football" approach in a highly complex and intricately layered league of schemes and counter-schemes. Don't like the "We've got to stop scoring so much" policy which to me seems against the goal of winning, which, if I'm clear on the rules, involves scoring more points than the other side. I don't like how he never owns up for the failures we've seen. I don't like how he's managed rosters. I don't like how he's managed playcalling. I don't like his sneers or his Hermisms or his 3rd and long draw plays. I hate pretty much everything about him, in that "I hate the taste of sour cream" way. I don't hate him like I hate homophobia, racism, or Oakland Raiders fans, but I hate him the way I hate people that cut me off in traffic and loud talkers in movies.

And you know what? None of that matters if he's right.

I'm not a fan of jerseys, or individual players, or fads. I'm a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and everything that proud organization has stood for. For pride in a small market, for dedication to the community, to a sea of red and the smell of barbecue on a Sunday morning. I'm a fan of the same team my father roots for and his father roots for. And that means any quarterback that steps on that field is my quarterback, and I hope he absolutely kills the other guys. Whether it's Tyler with some sort of miracle improvement, Damon Huard with a two yard out, Trent Green to Eddie Kennison in overtime in Green Bay, Elvis Grbac, Joe Montana, or Tim Tebow. They're my quarterback and I love them because that jersey means more than Carl Peterson or Herm Edwards or Dwyane Bowe. It's the pride of Missouri, the Show-Me-State. It's a part of people's families, their traditions, a part of their lives. It's a huge part of mine.

Herm Edwards was put in charge and he says he has a plan. Giving up on him when he says the plan needs more time, *right now* is not what I'm in for. I don't want him to fail. I want him to turn it around, shove it in my face, make me laugh and scream "I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Herm!"  I want to write a weekly FanPost outlining how wrong I was about his inability to manage clocks, inspire players, develop personnel and direct a franchise. He's my head coach. I want him to succeed.

So I don't want him fired. I want things to turn around. Because that's better than them getting worse and having to start over. If Damon takes over, I want his arm strength to improve. I want this team to do well. Not in a way that belies our actual progress, because that doesn't help us reach our goal of a Super Bowl. But I want it to do well.

Herm may not be your kind of coach. He may drive you nuts. But Lane Kiffin is getting absolutely embarrassed by terrible management that is unprofessional and despicable. We're better than that. We said we wanted to see how he would do with a full year of "his guys." And despite what some might say, these are "his guys" even if they're not the ideal. You don't get your dream roster. You do the best you can with your scouting reports and go from there. And if the players that have talent don't make enough improvements for us to compete, then we can look at that at season's end.

But I was a fan when Gunther was coach, when Derrick died, when Vermeil cried, when Priest hurdled in, when Marcus crossed the line in the snow, through Spider-Man, the X-Factor, Greg Hill, Tony Richardson, the day Tony was drafted, the day Sims was drafed and the day Herm was hired. And I'll be a fan when Herm moves on, when Croyle is gone, when Dorsey goes to the Pro Bowl and the good times and the bad.

And I don't want to spend all my time just saying "Herm Edwards sucks." There's more to a football game, there's more to a football season, and there's more to being a fan. It doesn't make you less of a fan to point out where Herm fails each and every week, it only strengthens your case at season's end when you demand his release. It doesn't make you more of a fan to stand behind him despite his numerous and repeated failures. But I still feel our best option is to make do, to stick together, and weather the storm.

Lose together or die alone.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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