Oliver Hoyte, Possible Starter?

Please read this before you think I'm crazy.

I understand that Pat Thomas is shaping up to be the number 1 MLB this tear should his apparent dominance over Napoleon Harris, however I think that there is the possibility that this race is not as far away as it would seem.

My initial reason that caused me to think of this was, "Why is a FB going from one of the weakest positions on the team to what is being called one of the deepest positions on the team in Linebacking corps?". This is a new player on the team who has by no means secured a spot on the final roster, why does he think he has a better chance of making the final cut playing behind the Chiefs linebackers?

If it was me, the place on the team I would want to be is the place that I am most likely to make, not the longshot just so I can play my favourite position. The only time I would even dream about changing positions when trying to make a team is if I knew I had a better chance at said position. But wait, Pat Harris is playing so well? He has even beat out Napoleon Harris already, the same player who led the Chiefs in tackles a year ago. Right now my head is spinning.

But Wait! A solution!

What if this is what I like to call the Ty Law affect. We have serious issues at a certain position, yet it is failed to be reported.

When Ty Law finally arrived at training camp, he was the talk of the town. We just landed last years interception leader and he was going to lock down the island. Throughout camp we read numerous reports about Ty Laws abilities and leadership roles. His foot was completely healed and he felt faster than he had before last season. However, when the season finally began, Law dissapointed.

Could this be happening with our Linebackers this year? After all, a player who I don't even remember the day we added him to our roster, is battling (and even winning) with our tackle leader. Does Oliver Hoyte, our ex-FB who works with the linebackers in one on ones think that he could beat out one, or both of our fullbacks? Lets remember this kid didn't work out so well in Dallas, so this might be his last shot at making an NFL team. I'm not to sure any of us would be screwing around with an opportunity like that.

When I first looked at Hoytes' postion change, I didn't think much of it. Then as I thank about it a little more, it came to me that the only reason he would humanly make the right choice is by going to the position he felt would help him make the team. Maybe he doesn't start, but I think that there is a legitmate LB battle about to heat up, atleast for backup role. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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