Preseason Week 3 Chiefs Roundup

Here are thoughts from a few different places on Saturday night's game. I'm working on a game recap which I'll put up tomorrow morning. Feel free to express your thoughts here and in the FanPosts section.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star - Chiefs’ offense, defense and special teams all flounder in loss

Herm Edwards knew that with a young, rebuilding team, the Chiefs would have days like this.

That might be understandable against an established opponent like New England in the regular-season opener or San Diego later in the year.

But the Chiefs weren’t competitive Saturday night against another one of the NFL’s forlorn teams. The Miami Dolphins, 1-15 last season, dominated the Chiefs in every phase, winning 24-0.

Palm Beach Post - Dolphins dominate to complete shutout of Chiefs

No Zach. No J.T. No problem.

A Dolphins' defense without a face or an All-Pro force heading into the season continued to show signs it might be ready to re-establish itself.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star - Chiefs linebacker Johnson wants team to get losing out of its system

Derrick Johnson is digging in his travel bag, looking for something to feel good about.

"We lost so much last year," the Chiefs linebacker says, "we don’t want none of that. We don’t want nothing to do with last year."

Saturday night looked a lot like last year. The Chiefs went 4-12 in 2007, ending with nine consecutive losses. Johnson has no trouble remembering that.

More Kent Babb: Not a special night for Chiefs’ Savage, Sams

While the Chiefs searched for answers Saturday night, they instead discovered another big question.

With one game left in this preseason, the Chiefs are 1-2 and clinging to any strength they can muster. Special teams might not be one of them.

Jon Yoon of Home of the Chiefs: The Kansas City Chiefs Suck and That’s a Good Thing

There is no other way to say it: the Chiefs were disgustingly bad in their preseason loss to the Dolphins. The third preseason game is typically the most important. It’s the game where starters tend to play longer, schemes are more true to regular season form, players competing for their jobs tend to play a little bit harder. If this is the closest representation to what we can expect from the Chiefs in 2008, then prepare your vomit bags. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Bob Gretz at The Mothership - No Points Sinks Chiefs In Miami, 24-0

It’s an impossible task to win any football game without being able to erase the pre-game zero on the scoreboard. The Chiefs were reminded of that Saturday at Dolphin Stadium, as they were shut out by the Miami Dolphins 24-0.

The Chiefs offense simply could not sustain any momentum or production throughout the game. Only once did they penetrate the scoring zone against the Dolphins and that possession ended short of the goal line. In fact, the Chiefs got inside Miami’s 45-yard line just two times.

Jeff Darlington at the Miami Herald - Big plays have Dolphins fans cheering again

It took only a tap on the helmet.

That might have been the gesture that mattered most Saturday night, the one Dolphins coach Tony Sparano quietly and subtly delivered to Chad Pennington as the quarterback left the field after a second-quarter touchdown drive at Dolphin Stadium.

Merlin at Arrowhead Addict - Miami Massacre

Wow, that was one extremely ugly performance. There is nothing like getting bitch slapped by a one win team to send everyone to a Jim Jones inspired chug of Kool-Aid. After the dust clears, let’s examine the remains for some clues. To wit, what have we learned? - Chiefs-Dolphins Postgame Quotes

(Did you see this coming at all?) – "No, no, I did not. Because I thought we had a good week, and like I said, the last two weeks, we played halfway decent. And I thought we would do that this week, but it didn’t happen."

Consider me firmly in the camp of "It's only the preseason!" I cannot bring myself to give three presason games enough weight where we're drawing conclusions about what 2008 as a whole will look like. Give me a good chunk of 2008 completed and I'll make some firmer statements about the long term future of some players and coaches.

Saturday's game was still terrible, no matter what your overall perspective is. More to come tomorrow morning.

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