Projections from Batman himself.

Adam Best (a.k.a. Batman) of Arrowhead Addict posts a great projection of the Chiefs' 2008 season on Yardbarker. It includes who he thinks will bust out, who he thinks will flounder, etc. etc.

Basically, if you follow Adam's work on AA at all, this is vintage stuff: reasonable while retaining a belligerent homerism, decent football analysis but in totally killer style.

It's a must-read for the smack talk on our rivals, if for nothing else:

[The Chargers] bitch and bitch and bitch about Marty Schottenheimer, then go out and sign...Norv Turner? That's like bitching about Cuba Gooding Jr.'s acting only to replace him with L.L. Cool J.

Total gold. You keep doin' what you do, Batman.

I'll let you read his analysis yourself, but I do have a couple comments with his projections.

1. Fantasy rankings. Batman pegs Bowe as our "fantasy stud," even though he projects Bowe to put up a 1,000-yard season with 8 touchdowns easy. I normally wouldn't have a problem with that, but he also projected LJ to break out a 1,400-yard season with upwards of 12 TDs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in virtually any fantasy league, that would make LJ the team's fantasy stud.

2. Turk breaking out. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the entire projection was the claim that Turk would emerge as the team's breakout player this year. He is getting the best opportunity of his career now to play strong-side DE (for which his frame suggests he's perfect), but I've long-suspected after Turk's tumultuous rookie season that he's going to be fighting for a roster spot next year. Turk had a sturdy opening month in 2007, where he was hungry and active. But he trailed off to virtual invisibility as the season wore on. He didn't put up many stats his rookie season, but he started out with tons of promise. His preseason performance against Chicago was forgettable at best.

I hope for the best with Turk, one of my favorite players on this team, but I haven't seen enough from him to suggest that he's anything more than a rotational reserve. Maybe he takes the field when we're in a nickel package. Maybe.

3. Rivalries reborn? One serious problem we'll have with this season is that with so much turnover and new youth, there's virtually no rivalry holdover from last season. Adam sees the Chiefs "fired up" to avenge their 2007 sweep at the hands of the Broncos, but I honestly don't expect many of the new faces to feel much anti-Denver passion just yet. I believe this is the season that rivalries will be born, not carried over.

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