KC Football Dreams


September 3rd my wonderful husband (Troy) will be turning 40.

I'm writing because he's had a lot of tragedy in his life the past few years and through it all he's been the best husband and father a family could be blessed with.

He's always been a very responsible man and puts everyone before him, making sure everyone is taken care of and happy and asks so little in return.

At 19 he married a woman with two small boys knowing that her boys wouldn't have a good life if he didn't help. Ten years ago he moved them from St. Joseph, Missouri to Fort Worth, TX in the hopes of giving them a better future. When the youngest boy turned 18 and moved out my husband and his ex divorced and moved on.

We met not long after that and we have been married two years now. His whole life, his greatest joy has been football season and watching his favorite team, "the Kansas City Chiefs" play. Many Texans have tried to make him a "Dallas Cowboy" fan but no matter how hard they try he will never become a "traitor".

He comes from a family of four children and four years ago one of his brothers  passed away suddenly (he was 39). Two months ago his oldest brother (who is 44) was admitted into ICU at Heartland Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri and he's still there hooked up to a breathing machine. Troy lives with the possibility everyday that his brother may not make it to the next day but through it all he still puts himself last. He travels back and fourth from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX to St. Jo, Missouri to see his brother. Makes sure his mom and sister are holding up okay and calls them everyday. Since Bobby's illness my husband has started to worry about his life and how young his brothers are and now wondering how long he has left (he lost his father in "98" to heart illness just like his brother then last November both his grandparents passed away within two weeks of each other. This month his uncle and aunt passed away, both were in the same ICU unit with his brother). Seeing him like this makes me want to take that worry from him if only for a moment. His biggest loves are God, his family and the "Kansas City Chiefs." He's hosted a football draft every year since he was 19 and this year will be the first that he won't because of his dedication to his brother and family. 

Last night I was inspired after seeing the story of "Randy Pausch" and how he said that if he had only one wish, what would he do? I thought of that for my husband and knew immediately that I needed to make an attempt to do something special for his upcoming birthday. I've looked on line at the KC site in the hopes of taking him on a tour of the facilities but Arrowhead Stadium doesn't do this. He's been to games when he lived in St. Jo and he tells me all the time about the great fans and the awesome tailgate parties and his eyes light up when he speaks of the experience. I'd love to do a little more than just taking him to a game but since I'm not from the area I'm not familiar with what to do. If anyone could give me ideas, all suggestions would be very welcome. I'm checking into tickets for the September 28th game against the Denver Broncos. He married a fan of a KC rival which makes things very interesting during football season!

Many thanks for your time



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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