Dr. Z is Slipping

From his column :

Why aren't I cheering?

Kansas City Chiefs: Stars of the war room, stars of the TV studios and the draft, that's K.C., with its cast of thousands. And yes, the names are impressive, but how about the two that are missing? Jared Allen, their right DE who led the league in sacks last year, and ... well, the name escapes me, but it was the guy I was sure the Chiefs would bring in to give Brodie Croyle a run for the QB job. Sorry, no one to push Croyle, no Allen to line up at his usual spot. It's what I call a "yes, but..." draft.


I've always like Dr. Z, maybe it was in comparison to Peter King he seemed pretty reasonable (kudos to Chris for the call out on PK declaring the Chief's draft "too good" to comment on, cause we all know mum's the word when the Pats are winnin right PK?).  I also enjoyed the idea of Dr. Z designing German sports cars and perhaps really receiving his doctorate in Sportsology Studies? Really I think it was because he always unexpectedly gave the PARADE's beloved Chiefs some ink and some underdog cred. deservedly so or not.

But alas, my deepest fears about the good doctor seem to have come true.  Dr. Z after all may just be a contrarian crustified dinosaur with as much football sense as a California housewife and a diploma on the back of Sudoku puzzle to boot!

"Pushing" is not what Brodie Croyle needs, we had that last season, and if it's true he's in the stadium everyday during the offseason I'd say his problem is not a lack of motivation.  If anything Brodie needs to do like John Elway did when he got old and try to put on about 30 lbs of muscle to protect against injury.  Again, I hate being a Brodie apologist, but this isn't calling him injury prone it's just my concern that Branden Alberts and the Clemson Teddy Bear might not have "congealed" and be "shut down lights out" right out of the gate.

As for filling Jared's DE spot, Z, like the rest of the world forgot that Tamba had more sacks a year ago.  Hmmm.  I too won't be 100% sold that the trade was a good move until I see this rookie team play, but like ripping off a bandaid it had to be done.  Hopefully, we'll finally get some pressure inside as well now.

Let's be reasonable Z.  We lost a guy who admittedly is possibly the best DE in football right now.  BUT, he had an off the field liablities record, reformed or not; he was in a "contract year" plus the suspension last year, and he required a huge investment and cap hit.  What do we have?  He has an above average DE who was injured all last year and was consistently in the backfield; we got DT that if he is what people say he will be more valuable than Allen (run-stopper/rusher), even if he's half of what people say, he should be above average.  Would it have been great to see Allen, Hali, and Dorsey on the same line, sure, but at the expense of our offense/offensive future?  No.

Z's analysis shows lousy scouting and lazy research demonstrating once again why the mainstream media gets trumped by specialized, up to the minute, concerned and interested bloggers like the AP and the PARADE.

While I'm at it, I'd like to slam Whitlock's calling Turk McBride a bust.  Is he Glenn Dorsey?  No.  But 5 to 10 he had the same column written about Hali/Croyle if we had drafted C. Long/Ryan.  Turk isn't Chester McGlockton but I don't see how a year out Whitlock thinks it makes sense to call him a bust.  I do think Whitlock is wise to not get too excited, sorry Chris some doom and gloom is needed after this draft, but per usual, Whitlock is sorta right for all the wrong reasons.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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