Morning Update (UDFA Edition)

  • Glenn Dorsey on Brandon Albert -- "Instead of having everything being on one of our shoulders, we have each other to vent to, to get in fights and stuff like that. We might end up going against each other once or twice in practice. That makes it even better. I'm just looking forward to the opportunity. This works out for the better."

  • Merlin at Arrowhead Addict drops in to give his draft grades.

  • KFFL is reporting that NFL Draft Bible has the signing bonuses of some of the undrafted free agents the Chiefs signed. Those guys make get those bonuses confused with their economic stimulus package money coming in.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic grades the AFC draft classes. Lots of good info there.

  • There is still drama between Terrell Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Definitely the underreported Chiefs' story of the draft -- Chiefs seem to have confidence in Croyle.

  • I'm reading lots of stuff on how prepared the Chiefs scouting department was this year. That begs the question - Why aren't they this prepared every year?

  • Newly signed UDFA QB Ricky Santos threw for 13,212 yards and 123 touchdowns in his D-II career.

  • Home of the Chiefs looks at a few UDFAs the Chiefs picked up after the draft.

Here is the list of UDFAs I've gotten together so far, with links to their sources. Many thanks to posters at Chiefs Planet and Chiefs Coalition for rounding a lot of these up.

Michigan State DE Jonal Saint-Dic
Missouri S Cornelius "Pig" Brown
Rutgers S Ron Girault
Akron WR Jabari Arthur
UCLA WR Brandon Breazell
Indiana QB Blake Powers
Ohio RB Kalvin Mcrae
Michigan State LB SirDarean Adams
Georgia WR Sean Bailey
Clemson OG Chris McDuffie
WVU DL Johnny Dingle
Wisconsin WR Luke Swan
Georgia Tech FB Mike Cox
Texas DT Derek Lokey
North Carolina K Connor Barth
Nebraska LB Steve Octavien

New Hampshire QB Ricky Santos

That makes my count 17 UDFAs signed/will sign so far. There are probably a few more but I can't verify them with a link anywhere. Still, this is pretty close to the actual list I'm sure. Based on past history, it will be unlikely for any of these guys to make the team. But we are in a special situation in Kansas City where simply because of needs, some of these guys may get a shot.

Also, with all of these front page FanShots about the UDFAs, a lot of content got pushed pretty quickly off of the front page. This is really the only time this should happen but if you'd like, you should be able to go into your personal dashboard and change the number of front page posts to display.
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