Some Q&A with Scout Inc's Matt Williamson

Thought you guys might like to see some of this if you missed it.  My question was too late for answering. Enjoy.

Gus ((Topeka, KS)): Who is out there for kc to grab in free agency that can give this defense a heart beat?

SportsNation Matt Williamson : (2:03 PM ET ) They need to find a pass rush in the worst way. DE has to be need #1. Hali is a #2 DE, not a #1. Peppers? Suggs? Tough to believe that either hits the open market, but that is what KC needs. Could also be their first round pick while they get more B and C level free agents.


SportsNation Matt Williamson : (1:56 PM ET ) Wow, I doubt it. LJ seems very close to un-tradable to me. A lot of wear and tear. Off the field concerns. Attitude issues. Declining performance. Tons of good RBs out there. And he makes a lot of $$$.

Robert (Monrovia, Ca): Cleveland has the 5th pick in the draft, where do they go from there, LB (Maualuga)?

SportsNation Matt Williamson : (1:41 PM ET ) A LB is a huge need for sure, but I think it should be a pass rushing OLB moreso than ILB. I am on about step two of 20 or so in my draft prep, but from what I know about Maualuga is that he is a high risk/reward guy and he can get too heavy. They need a team leader on D. A real butt kicker. Is he that guy? Not sure. Would USC lost to Stanford/Oregon State if he were?

Bruce (SD): Just curious- why is Herm Edwards still employed as an NFL head coach? As a Chargers fan, I'd hate to see him go, because I know his teams are always going to bad.

SportsNation Matt Williamson : (1:25 PM ET ) I am with you here. If I had to rank the HC's from 1 to 32, there may only be 3 or 4 who I would put behind Herm. I just don't see it. Doubt he stays employed for long though.

Eric (Sioux City): Glad to see you Herm Edwards assessment isn't influenced by his being a nice guy. The Chiefs lost 5-6 games that can be attributed to poor coaching decisions.

SportsNation Matt Williamson : (1:28 PM ET ) No room for letting his demenor influence my decision. Great neighbor. Bad Head Coach.


And I just had to throw this one in:

J.J.C. (Spring Lake, NC): Hardly anyone has mentioned D'Angelo Williams' ZERO fumbles this season. How many time in NFL history has this happened for a back with major carries?

SportsNation Matt Williamson : (1:46 PM ET ) Worth noting for sure. Fabulous season.


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