Possible 1st Round Trade Partners

I will be saying this ad nausea this off season but I do not want to draft a QB with out top 3 pick. I’m sure there is some talent worthy of a top 3 pick available. Still, I’d like to see our boys move that pick, save some cheddar, and pick up an additional day 1 pick. Everyone is so damn high on Bradford and Stafford, so lets take a look at the squads that may be looking to move up to take one of them.


Slim to none. McNabb’s not getting any older, but I don’t see this team trading two first day picks to take a QB.

Washington- Less slim to none. Sure Jason Campell is still young but is anyone impressed with him. Slight possibility if only because Dan Snyder is constantly trying to out shitty move Al Davis.


May be on to something here. Favre is old and senile. May be a perfect situation to draft a QB and have him spend a year, or two, or three. Hell, he’s not going anywhere, someone is going to need to play LT and put a Theisman like hit on him to get him off the field. Plus the last time a young QB was drafted to eventually replace Favre, the transition was seamless.


Yeah they need a QB but they are going to be picking right below us. We may not get much in return from them to drop just a few spots.


You believe in Shaun Hill? Me neither. I don’t know this team well so I don’t know what they really need but, dropping to where they should be picking, 9-15ish, would be nice.


BINGO. Good defense, good o-line, finally a good running back. Grossman has been good but not great and this could be a good opportunity to upgrade. Plus they may be interested in taking Crabtree. Bears may be picking a little low but I’d still pull the trigger on this one.


SHAZAM. See Bears right up, change Tavaris/Frerotte for Grossman.


Is everyone giving up on Palmer? Is he the rich man’s Brodie? This team has more problems than QB, plus they’ll be picking right behind us so I don’t see it happening.


Another good possibility. I am still shocked that Delhomme (pronounced Day-la-hommie) is an NFL QB. Same sort of surprise I felt when Oakland actually signed Sweeney a few years ago. Plus this team is good so the QB wouldn’t need to come in and be a hero from the get go.


JACKPOT. This could be the best fit. Gruden loves him some QB’s. Jeff Garcia keeps pulling overachieving seasons out of his ass but how much longer can one expect that to happen? Strong possibility here, especially if Gruden falls for one of them.

I think the Buccs, Panthers, Vikings, and Bears are the most eligible trade partners. If I was the new GM I’d start sweet talking these teams as soon as the season ends. Thoughts?

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