Is Glenn Dorsey Being Used Improperly?

Jason Whitlock certainly seems to think so.

Until Sunday, I had no clue that Glenn Dorsey is a shade below 6 feet tall. You put him in a police lineup with other NFL players, and you peg him as a plodding fullback. He’s Lorenzo Neal.

Now Dorsey’s disappointing season makes perfect sense, and the case to retain Herm Edwards and his coaching staff gets even more difficult to argue.

What in the hell are they doing playing Dorsey straight-up over a guard?

The column's a pretty good read and probably the first time this season that I've seen Jason Whitlock give Dorsey a fair shake.  And I've got to admit, although it's far too early to call Glenn Dorsey a bust, his season's been far from dominant and probably a little bit below what could reasonably have been expected from him (although that's not uncommon with rookies).  So if we accept the premise that Dorsey has been underachieving this year, this leaves us with a few potential scenarios.

1.  Glenn Dorsey's ability to play has been seriously misjudged.  Although certainly in the realm of possibility, I find this pretty unlikely considering how highly he was rated by all of the teams in the draft.  There were questions about Ryan Sims coming out of college...the only concerns about Dorsey were health related but nobody really believed he didn't have the talent to play at this level.

2.  Glenn Dorsey is playing injured.  Possible, but unlikely.  The Chiefs have been fairly conservative with players and injuries so I suspect that if Dorsey were actually hurt he wouldn't be out there playing.  I find it far more likely they'd have done with him like they did with Turk McBride and slap him on injured reserve to protect his long-term health (especially since Herm apparently believed until Peterson got fired that he'd still be here in 2009).

3.  Glenn Dorsey is being used improperly by the coaching staff.  Considering the trainwreck that's been the 2008 Chiefs defense, I find this to be the most likely culprit.  The entire defensive line has produced quite possibly the worst season in NFL history.  Not only are they on a NFL record pace for fewest sacks, but they've given up over 2300 yards of rushing offense (and will be lucky not to give up 2500 for the season).  Granted they had a lot of help from Gunther Cunningham's incompetently coached linebacking corps, but what the defensive line itself has produced is nothing short of pathetic.  None of the young veterans on the defensive line (Tyler, McBride, Hali) have progressed during this coaching staff's tenure and the veterans (Edwards, Boone) aren't stepping up.  So again, if we consider Dorsey to be underachieving this season then that underachievement fits well within the pattern of the defensive line as a whole under line coach Tim Krumrie's tutelage.

I tend to be a bit skeptical about Whitlock's fears on Dorsey's long-term production...many rookie linemen struggle and given capable coaching problems with technique can be overcome.  So my suggestion for addressing Dorsey's struggles would be simple.  Make no changes for the next week and play Cincinnati as normal.  Then, on the Monday morning after the Chiefs' final game against the Cincinnati Bengals, fire Herm Edwards, Gunther Cunningham and Tim Krumrie.  It'll be the best thing the Chiefs could possibly do to save Glenn Dorsey's career.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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