Who Are Those Guys?

The Chiefs have so many new players that you can't follow them all without a program, and even if you have a program, it had better be a recent one. A very recent one.

These are some of our Kansas City Chiefs:

(to keep it simple, JPUFUL stands for Just Picked Up From the Unemployment Line and URFA stands for Undrafted Rookie Free Agent.)

Rocky Boiman, LB: picked up from the unemployment line a few weeks ago.

Weston Dacus, LB: URFA.

Oliver Celestin, S: JPUFUL.

Ricardo Colclough, CB: JPUFUL.

Wallace Gilberry, DL: URFA, just picked up.

David Macklin, DB: JPUFUL.

Connor Barth, PK: URFA

Thomas Gafford, LS: JPUFUL

Maurice Leggett, URFA

Mark Bradley, WR: former second round pick of the BEars, but got cut in September, PUFUL by KC in October.

Mike Cox, FB: URFA

In addition, we have some late-round picks playing who were only known to the kind of diehards who watch the second day draft coverage on TV and scour the depth charts to find out all they can about the backups: 

Will Franklin, WR: 4th round rookie, has been hurt and hasn't played much.

Kevin Robinson, WR/KR: 6th round rookie.

Brian Johnston, DE: 7th round pick, rookie.

Brandon Carr, CB: 5th round pick from Grand Valley State, has started lately and done well, so he's not a new name to the diehards around here.

And don't forget:

Tyler Thigpen, QB: drafted by the Vikings in the 7th round last year, cut and then PUFUL by KC before the season started, played in one game then got hurt. Was 3rd string when the season started, now is well known by any Chiefs fan paying attention, but still pretty anonymous to most casual NFL fans.

Hopefully this crew will be like Butch and Sundance, who kept getting the best of their pursuers, who kept asking "Who are those guys?" I'll bet the Chargers know who some of these guys are now.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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