2009 offseason

I know it's alot of reading but I can't stop thinking about the offseason.  I wanna see what you guys think we should do.  And see what you think of my ideas.  It's hard to predict anything


There are alot of needs to our Kansas City Chiefs team. Most of us look forward to the draft. I can not come between what we should take and when. Our biggest needs IMO are ILB, DE, and still QB. Thigpen has been amazing. But you can never go wrong with putting some stock in at QB. We dont need to use a 1st round on qb. We can also look to the Free Agent pool.

At QB we will be lookin for someone young. Thats why we will probably go to the draft for that. Maybe a Harrell from TTU in say the 3rd. But in free agents Matt Cassle could leave New England. What ever happended to JP Losman as he is a free agent too.

At RB we are fine. Unless we could trade the beloved LJ for some picks. Which I would be for at this point he just doesn't seem to care about the team anymore. But Darren Sproles is a free agent. They let Michael Turner go so why wouldn't they let Sproles. He would be an awesome assett to our special teams. But talking RB in the Draft doubtful.

WR unless we could get a name like TJ Housenmezdah or Devery Henderson we are set with Mark Bradley it looks like. Once again no Draft there

TE we are set.unless of course Tony G gets traded for some picks. If this were to happen I'd look to the draft for another TE to play alongside Brad Cottam. Mizz TE Chase Coffman could be the next Tony G. He doesn't have the build as Tony G but he has the hands.

OL we need some big aquistion here. I would use a 1st round pick on a Tackle to replace Sackintosh. That pick would be Andre Smith. The man is amazing he has played since his freshmen year and he hasn't slowed down. Just got better. I would like this to be our first pick in the draft if a free agent isn't picked up. Someone like Jordan Gross would look good in a KC uniform.

DL we need something here too. The DE needs to be improved. Terrell Suggs is going to be a free agent. The Ravens have Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Dawan Landry, and Bart Scott's contracts coming up. I think that they will let Terrell go. Here's where we come in a take him. We're going to have a lot of money to spend might as well get one of the more versatile DE's in the league. Also Julius Peppers is going to be a free agent. Carolina will likely not let him loose. But if it happens Kansas City should not hesitate one bit. If neither of these players are picked up. The draft is where we will look. There are many good DE's coming out this year. Many mocks having the Chiefs taking Michael Johnson out of Gerogia Tech. I think that would be a bad choice just from he hasn't proved that he's that good. If we look to the draft for a DE. First round choice has to be Brian Orakpo. He is a physical freak. Awesome pass rush and a good run defender. That would be an awesome D Line. Brian Orakpo, Glenn Dorsey, Tank Tyler, and Tamba Hali. Awesome. But if we use a first round pick on a Tackle like Andre Smith. The 2nd round will have players too. Hopefully Greg Hardy will still be on the board.

LB another huge need for the Kansas City Chiefs. The name that sticks out most in free agency is Jonathan Vilma. I think he should be the number 1 free agent that Kansas City wants. Doubtful that the Saints who have had him just a year will let him go. But he would be the best player for the Chiefs to get. The New York Jets let Vilma go last year. And could let Eric Barton go this year. He would also be a good pick up for the Chiefs. Karlos Dansby would be someone to look at. There are a good amount of LB hitting free agency this year and the Chiefs should pick up one. If not that's going to make the draft a hard one. There is no ILB that sticks out enough to pick him in the top 5 of the draft. Laurinatis and Mauluga are who I am talking about. They both will be gone by the 2nd round probably. So in the 3rd round Danelle Ellerbee would be a good player to get.

DB we are actually looking pretty good. Another Corner would not hurt at all. We got two awesome young safties hopefully we will sign Jerrad Page for a couple more years. We have two amazing young corners in the Brandons. We are finally set at starters. We may need to pick up a Nickle or a Dime Corner though. Defitnetly look to free agency for that. The draft will need to fill up to many other spots than Corner. Someone like Dunta Robinson from the Texans or Allen Rossum would be a good addition to the Brandons. Maurice Legget has looked ok. But nothing special.

Overall us Chiefs fans are going to have a crazy offseason. I think that they'll make us happy by spending some money on a big name free agent. Maybe even too. If we fill our 3 big needs. Right Tackle, DE, and ILB this season we will grow alot. We also need something new at RG and maybe even C. We will need to take care of atleast one of the big 3 positions to have a good draft. I'd say ILB should be addressed in free agency. There is alot of players to be taken. DE should probably be in the draft and Right Tackle is either. Be nice to have a 3rd rounder for a "system" qb that we can mold.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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