Herm vs. Current Coaches

I am in no way taking credit for this, I found this over on the PSD Chiefs forums from a guy whose point of view I often see eye-to-eye with.

h/t to RustShack over there for coming up with another great reason why Harmageddon shouldn't be an NFL headcoach.

Smart money says... Take the field and give the points. Herm Edwards is now 53-70 as a head coach in the NFL. That’s 43.1%. By losing to Dick Jauron today, Edwards dropped below Jauron (43.8%) in career winning percentage. In fact, of the sixteen head coaches who have at least 75 decisions, Edwards ranks …

… last – dead last.

I’ve recently analyzed just how bad the Chiefs are from an historical perspective. Anytime someone gets into uncharted waters, I’m going to measure the rip tides... 1-18, Yikes! and... Lions and Tigers and Chiefs. Oh my! In both cases, I’ve shown that the Chiefs are flirting with ineptness on an historical basis.

An obvious question is, “Why?” Well, of course nothing is working at present – except maybe some improvement in the offense. But, offense isn’t supposed to be where our leadership (Edwards, Cunningham) claims expertise. One would have to objectively say that when a car is missing an engine, tires and transmission, that a pristine interior (even if the Chiefs had one) isn’t going to get it from point A to point B.

Herm has to go. That’s a no-brainer. Carl has to go. That’s a no-brainer too. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Unfortunately, ownership might be too preoccupied with soccer or money to care. Why anyone would purchase a ticket they don’t already have is way beyond my ability to comprehend.

Here are the sixteen existing head coaches in the NFL with 75 or more decisions shown in inverse order of success. Records include early games on Sunday.

Herm Edwards
KC 53-70 .431
Dick Jauron Buff 56-72 .438
Norv Turner SD 73-93-1 .440
Marvin Lewis Cincy 43-47-1 .478
Jack Del Rio Jacks 49-42 .538
John Gruden TB 94-77 .550
Tom Coughlin NYG 112-90 .554
Jeff Fisher Tenn 125-100 .555
John Fox Car 59-47 .557
Lovie Smith Chi 42-33 .560
Wade Phillips Dall 68-46 .596
Mike Holmgren Sea 159-107 .598
Andy Reid Phi 93-61-1 .603
Mike Shanahan Den 144-94 .605
Bill Belichick NE 134-85 .612
Tony Dungy Indy 133-69 .658

Needless to say, in order to fairly measure a coach’s failure rate, you need to compare him with those who have been around at least as long – sample size, his system, his players and all that. Even though that is certainly true, it’s interesting to take a look at the new coaches who began the season. Shown is their team’s record last year and their record at the beginning of the day today. All were 6-4.

Miami 1-15 Tony Sparano 6-4
Baltimore 5-11 John Harbaugh 6-4
Washington 9-7 Jim Zorn 6-4
Atlanta 4-12 Mike Smith 6-4

This tells you two things – 1) even rookie coaches can win in the NFL and 2) turnarounds can happen with coaching changes - hint, hint.
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