The Chiefs Defense: An Absolutely Terrifying Set of Statistics

From the FanPosts. Tweaked the title a touch. Thanks DThomasReigns. -Chris

I was listening to 810 after the game Sunday, and Jack Harry said something I didn't actually believe.

We have argued draft failures many times before here...nothing new; however, when Jack said this I was floored (paraphrased):

"In the last 7 years, the Chiefs have spent 4 of 7 First round picks on Defense, EVERY Second round pick on Defense, and 5 Third rounders on Defense."

My first thought was, "That has to be wrong."  I thought about it all day at work and was just going to post that without researching it - because I am stat lazy.  But, I decided to go back over the last 8 drafts to encompass the full Vermeil and Herm eras.

Here are the results, and they are DISGUSTING.  Even from the beginning of the Vermeil and Herm eras, the Defense has not been ignored:

Of the Picks Not Traded Since the 2001 Draft

1st Round: 4 of 6 have been on Defense (67%)

2nd Round: 6 of 6 have been on Defense (100%...100 freaking percent!)

3rd Round: 5 of 9 have been on Defense (56%)

71% of of every 1st through 3rd round draft pick in the last 8 years has been on Defense.

By Position:

DT = 6 (7 if you count McBride)

DE = 2 counting McBride as a DE

LB = 3

S = 2

CB = 2

By Year (with names):

2001 = 1st - No First pick.  2nd - No Second pick. 3rd - Defense, Eric Downing DT.  3rd - Offense.

2002 = 1st - Defense, Ryan Sims DT. 2nd - Defense, Eddie Freeman DT.  3rd - No Third pick.

2003 = 1st - Offense. 2nd - Defense, Kawika Mitchell LB.  3rd - Defense, Julian Battle CB.

2004 = 1st - No First pick.  2nd - Defense, Junior Siavii DT.  2nd - Offense.  3rd - Defense, Keyaron Fox LB.

2005 = 1st - Defense, Derrick Johnson LB.  2nd - No 2nd pick.  3rd - Special Teams.

2006 = 1st - Defense, Tamba Hali DE.  2nd - Defense, Bernard Pollard S.  3rd - Offense.

2007 = 1st - Offense.  2nd - Defense, Turk McBride DT/DE.  3rd - Defense, Tank Tyler DT.

2008 = 1st - Defense, Glenn Dorsey DT.  1st - Offense.  2nd - Defense, Brandon Flowers CB.  3rd - Offense.  3rd - Offense.  3rd - Defense, DaJuan Morgan S.

I really feel sick looking at all of this over the last 8 drafts, and we still have the 32nd ranked Defense.  Blame Vermeil...blame Herm, but there has only been 1 person in charge over that entire period.

[U] Those are 15 first day Defensive players.  Even if we whiffed on 4 of them, that is still an ENTIRE starting defensive team in their prime.  Add to that FA's in that period like Ty Law, Pat Surtain, Napolean Harris, Donnie Edwards, Demorrio Williams, Alphonso Boone...and keep in mind Jared Allen, Jarrad Page, and Brandon Carr were second day picks and don't factor into this scenario.

Our Defense is, and has been, so horrendously broken it almost defies blame...but it doesn't. It is inexcusable.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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