Morning Update (What They're Saying Edition)

Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star:

Things fell apart for Thigpen when the Chiefs attempted a two-point conversion to win the game. He locked on to his intended receiver, Gonzalez, who was being held up. He never looked to his other receiver, Mark Bradley, or contemplated running the 2 yards.

Instead, he lofted a sickly pass that never had a chance to get to Gonzalez or any of the other Chiefs.

Whitlock is writing a....positive piece about the Chiefs?

In losing 20-19 to San Diego on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs played a near-flawless game and gave the strongest testimony to date Herm Edwards might deserve at least one more season to lead the Chiefs.

Sorry. I absolutely loved Sunday’s game, especially the decisive decision to go for two points and the victory in the final minute rather than a game-tying extra point. And, to be totally honest, I loved the fact the two-point conversion failed.

Kent Babb weighs in on the Chiefs and the injuries:

The injuries left a patchwork defense that included a handful of acquisitions from this past week. The Chiefs signed cornerback Ricardo Colclough and David Macklin, safety Oliver Celestin and end Wallace Gilberry to make a few more bodies available. They even released their third quarterback, Ingle Martin, to make room for Celestin.

It left Thigpen and the Chiefs offense to overshadow the team's weakness, but Rivers, Tomlinson and former Kansas State rusher Darren Sproles possessed too much firepower. The Chargers defense also slowed Thigpen; the Chiefs didn't score in the second half, and anemic performances after halftime are becoming a trend in Kansas City.

Joe Posnanski nails it, yet again:

And so, if you are one of those who want Herm Edwards fired, you probably should do yourself a favor and stop reading this column now. Enjoy your Monday. Get a doughnut or swim a few laps or do whatever you like to do. Because the rest of this will probably aggravate your ulcer. Or give you one.

Bob Gretz is impressed with Tyler Thigpen:

In fact, in what can only be considered a remarkable turn of events, the Chiefs maybe relying too much on Thigpen. He’s doing all this with a very inconsistent running game. Injuries and suspension had the offense down to fourth team on the depth chart Sunday against the Chargers; Savage was the team’s leading rusher with 44 yards on 12 carries.

Right now, Thigpen can use some help.

Steven over at Arrowhead Addict is sold on Tyler Thigpen:

First and foremost I would like to say this;  I am sold on Tyler Thigpen.  Show me a quarterback that has played better in the NFL the last 3 games?  Can’t do it can you?  Tyler is for real and I couldn’t be happier inspite of the outcome today.  The Chiefs might have finally found their quarterback, and as it sometimes happens in the NFL, he was found after a boat load of injuries.

The guys over at Warpaint Illustrated are cognizant of the improvement in this team and credit it directly to the coaching staff:

I’m sure right about now many of you reading this are steaming, but I’m not an apologist, I’m a realist. These coaches are working with an extremely depleted roster that wasn’t bolstered with depth to begin with. The long laundry list of players who’ve been injured is wasting half a rainforest’s worth of paper.

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