Favre phone TROUBLE AGAIN.League Investigating.Might be out vs KC

This just in. A transcript of a conversation of Brett Favre and Michael Phelps:


Phelps: Hello

Favre: Hi Mike, it's Brett hows it hanging

Phelps: Going good Brett. Long time no hear. I haven't spoken to you since I moved back from Michigan. What's up?

Favre: I was just calling to tell you I'm going after your record.

Phelps: {silence} Huh? What the !#$@ are you talking about? {goofy laugh}

Favre: No, No, you don't get it. You have 8 gold medals and I'm going for 8 TD's this weekend. We're playing the Chiefs at the Meadowlands and Herm's coming back here. {muffled laugh}. Mangini wants to send a message to goofy so he told me I can light it up. I figure I'd break my record and make 8  touchdowns.

Phelps: What's that got to do with swimming?

Favre: Well, you compete against 7 other guys and I compete against 11. The chiefs look like they've been sinking all year with Brian Waters as a flotation device. Get it, get it. Waters, swimming, flotation. {laughing} 'Course they're playing like Tamba Hali is their lifeguard. Eh, the only real threat is that guy Rocky they got.

Phelps: Boiman?

Favre: {silence}

Phelps:{hears a slap against the head}

Favre: Dang, thought it was Rocky Balboa. Figured he'd have a chance to take me out but there's no chance with that dude. Whew. Any suggestion on how to play the game?

Phelps: Run the ball on first down, and when your RB's get into the Red Zone after running 60 yards, tell the guy to run out on the 1 yard line then float it to any of their corners.

Favre: Sounds kind of boring don't you think?

Phelps: Well, it is the Chiefs you're playing. You could just keep throwing the ball, but if you do that I'd suggest just throwing over to where the CB's are supposed to be...they're never there anyways and it's a sure-fire catch. If you really want to get the crowd going you can throw it over to Coles when Surtain is covering him, that'll really get them going. Chiefs are full of rookies and "never made its" and "wannabees". Their best player doesn't have anyone to give him the ball ever since he did a remake of "The Crying Game".

Favre: LJ?

Phelps: No not LJ. Gonzo. LJ did a cameo as the Gimp in the remake of "Pulp Fiction". Something about life imitating art. It's a futuristic kind of thing. Instead of doing a life story on his past, it's about his future. The only guy you have to worry about is Dorsey.

Favre: The Big Band guy that had the Orchestra?

Phelps: No, that's Tommy Dorsey, I'm talking about Glenn Dorsey although as bad as his foot-speed is he could take some dancing lessons.

Favre:  You mean Ryan Simms?

Phelps: No man, you're not listening. Simms is gone, Glenn Dorsey. 1st round pick. 6-1,297. LSU...remember?

Favre:  Oh yeah, him. He's a rookie. As long as I stay in front of him, I'll never get hit.

Phelps: Noooo, that's Hali you're talking about.

Favre: Oh yeah, but does it really matter with their line?

Phelps: Eh, good point.

Favre: I can't seem to figure out anyone I should worry about?

Phelps: The kicker. {uncontrollable laughing}. Just be happy Herm's not still the head coach there.

Favre: Hell, I'd still be retired then.

Phelps: Can't blame you there {laughing}. Have fun this weekend and I won't even wish you Good Luck.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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