Chiefs Contact Daunte Culpepper; Connor Barth Coming Back?


From the FanPosts, bumped up to be the morning post. -Chris

After the 34-10 debacle the Chiefs suffered at the hands of the Tennessee Titans, it appears that the Chiefs have decided to start reorganizing the roster...the most important news of which appears to be that the Kansas City Chiefs have contacted retired quarterback Daunte Culpepper (although a signing does not appear imminent) and will be bringing former Tampa QB Bruce Gradkowski in today for a workout.

The Chiefs talked with Culpepper on Monday, a day after they lost Brodie Croyle for the season because of torn knee ligaments. Croyle was injured in the Chiefs’ 34-10 loss to Tennessee at Arrowhead Stadium.

A decision on whether the Chiefs would sign Culpepper did not appear imminent. A deal might not come until next week if one is reached at all.

All I can say is "Thank God"...Huard's probably out for next week and I simply could not take any more of watching Tyler Thigpen fumble his way around out there on Sundays.  That would be beyond hopeless.  Culpepper is probably the best option at this 31 he's possibly even good for a two or three year contract.  Gradkowski is a guy who would serve us best in a one year deal...he's strictly a short-term stop gap and we don't want him playing much past this season (here are his numbers).

Also, it appears that the Nick Novak Experience (which resulted in the lowest field goal percentage in the NFL) will be coming to an abrupt end, as the Chiefs have apparently been in contact with the man who should have been our kicker all along...rookie Connor Barth (cue massive applause).

The Chiefs also appear to be losing patience with kicker Nick Novak, who missed two of his three field-goal attempts against the Titans. Novak is just six for 10 this season, the worst percentage in the league.

The Chiefs may sign rookie Connor Barth today to replace Novak. Barth was originally signed by the Chiefs in April and battled Novak throughout the offseason, training camp and the preseason.

Both players made two of three field-goal attempts in the preseason. The Chiefs went with Novak mainly because of his previous NFL experience.

It should be noted that Nick Novak's performance this year is directly in line with his performance throughout his career, his struggles were entirely predictable, and as such the choice of him over Feely and Barth should never have happened.  Fortunately the Chiefs appear ready to correct that blatant mistake of Herm's. 

Welcome home, Connor.

P.S.  And just in case you thought that maybe Herm and Carl had grown some brains with all of these was also announced that Ingle Martin will still be backing up Tyler Thigpen this Sunday.

Why am I so down on this?  Well, because here are Tyler Thigpen's stats from college and here are Ingle Martin's.  Is it really that much of a mental strain to figure out which one's probably going to be the better passer?  Herm's obviously just as much of an idiot as he ever was if he thinks it's Thigpen.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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